Eilis Ni Dhuinn (Liz Fitzpatrick) The Artist ~


I have always had a great love of drawing and painting. As a child I loved copying pictures From story books. I lived in an imaginery world of stories in my head I showed a talent for art in school but unfortunately only had a part time art teacher and I only received some art tuition to my inter-cert now called junior cert but I wanted to continue so I self taught my art to my leaving cert. The history of art aspect of the exam proved most difficult but a number of students along with me studied the history at lunch time . I remember the school principle provided us with books on art history and I remember he was a great encouragement and support to us I succeeded in achieving an honour in art in the exam. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to pursue my artistic ability by going to art college.


Unlike today in 1978 opportunities were not so easily available and circumstances just did not allow instead I got a job. I painted as much as I could although life got in the way of me spending as much time as I would have liked to spend, especially as my life eventually lead me to opening a Bed and Breakfast in 1993 26 years ago which made my life very busy and there wasn’t much time to spare along with rearing my two children. I feel I focused a lot of my artistic flair in creating a garden and a home acceptable to receiving guest from all over the world. During this period my children were small I gave art classes to them and other children in the neighborhood.


We had lots of fun, now I enjoy encouraging my granddaughter to explore painting the freedom of using colour and expressing herself and never minding the mess that might restrict our boundaries. Art has such possibilities. Even though all classes were beneficial none could compare with the excellent tuition and mentoring I receive in oil painting from art teacher Linda Dempsey of Athy College. I have progressed so much and I take inspiration mainly from photographs.

Subjects that touch my heart and stir in me a desire to create. I found my real calling when I started painting in oil. Due to its attributes it allows me to take as much time a I like to create a masterpiece, returning to it on numerous occasions when I am in the mood and make as many changes to it as I would like. I then feel I can complete it to my satisfaction. I feel my mood is reflected in my paintings. To create a beautiful painting I feel I need to enter a space of deep relaxation.
I have been very fortunate to sell a number or my oil paintings. I welcome commissions and have completed recently a secret commission from a gentleman as a surprise christmas gift for his wife.

Is Art in my Genes ?

I’d say it is…my late aunt Shiela Stafford was great at painting mainly landscapes in oil. My brother Jimmy recently unleashed his talent and has produced some excellent dog portraits in oil, also his daughter, my niece Leah is taking art classes. I have an nephew Alan who is a superb graphic artist and film illustrator who’s talent has no bounds. My niece works as an art therapist and uses her artistic talent in her career. I find art is so therapeutic. We can move outside ourselves into a space that allows us to rest our mind and soul, the emotional and spiritual elements combined. I know I haven’t received a formal education in art but I desire to explore and delve deeper into my artistic side, to bring encouragement enjoyment and inspiration to others and myself on my artistic journey whether it is to my grandchildren or to those who love, enjoy and purchase my paintings, it will be an inspiring and exciting journey.



Painting and drawing is a hobby I have built up over my lifetime and recently in the last number of years . I will continue to paint casually for exhibitions and requested commissions. I paint mainly in oil but have painted watercolor and acrylic in the past. I paint during the winter months when I am not busy with my Bed & Breakfast.


I featured some paintings in Gerard Manley Hopkins Artists for Peace 27th and 28th July ‘18. Also at Art Exhibitions in Athy College, Athy, Co Kildare  in May ’18.




Castleview Farm